Friday, 15 May 2015

The Xylophone Waiting for You

Hello everybody!

I have great news to share with you: there is finally a place for you to practise your English outside of a classroom in Brussels and an opportunity to meet me!

That's right, I'm launching my little business, organizing conversation tables and private classes. Today is also the day that I'm presenting to the world my little baby: my very own website "The Xylophone Waiting for You"

On this website you'll be able to find out what my project is all about: my concept of conversation tables "English Tea Time" and "English, Cheese and Wine", the private tutorials, how to register, my resume, and also my blog.

That's right, my blog. I've decided to reunite everybody into the same roof...
This means that this blog is going to close in order to be pursued elsewhere.
"But where?!" you wonder. Well, that's right here: The Xylophone Waiting for You.

I invite you to continue following me at this new address and I wish you to continue your progress in English.

Cheers to your success!


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